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Lillian Medina, LCSW-R

Licensed Psychotherapist 

"As a fellow therapist,  it has always been a pleasure working together with Samiyrah. She is a caring dedicated professional who is deeply invested in the wellness of her clients and the families she serves. Her ability to collaboratively identify issues and focus on solutions using her skills and positive energy will most certainly benefit anyone fortunate enough to spend time with her. "

diane lotto 2.jpg

Diane Lotto, LCSW, CCTP

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Trauma Specialist

"Samiyrah is everything a great therapist should be - caring, conscientious, optimistic and inspiring. The commitment she has to her clients and their journeys towards fulfilling, peaceful lives is unparalleled. Not only does Samiyrah show up for you - she teaches you how to show up for yourself."

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Karolina Lapinska, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Clinician 

"I've had the pleasure of working with Samiyrah. She is unequally talented in her field. She approaches clients' problems with a unique prospective and a warm understanding while offering a safe place to explore.  A natural motivator to help you discover your true strengths and empower you to make that change."

Chris-Ann headshot.jpg

Chris-Ann Wright, RN

Registered Nurse

"Samiyrah is patient, compassionate, trusting and reliable. She approaches her clients with such grace. Unlike any social worker I’ve worked with, Samiyrah works on assisting and facilitating clients to unload their traumas. Providing them gems to use from moment to moment. Almost every patient has this to say to me when we sit to talk; “That Samiyrah, she knows her stuff.” It has been such a pleasure to work alongside someone who loves the work, does the work and consistently shows up for the people."

Vincenza head shot.jpg

Vincenza Cocoran, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Adjunct Professor 

"Ms. Bennett is an exceptional practitioner. She is an astute diagnostician. Ms. Bennett has a calm presence which exudes trust and care for the client. She is skilled and adept at using appropriate and evidence based interventions for individual clients.

Terry Gadson.jpg

Terry Gadson, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Clinician

Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor

"Samiyrah Bennett has been a colleague of mine for 10 years. She is reliable, extremely professional and goal oriented. She has dedicated herself to helping others learn techniques and coping skills to enhance their lives. She has a passion for gently supporting others through their healing process. Samiyrah's calm energy creates a safe space that helps clients feel comfortable sharing difficult moments. I would highly recommend her services because not only does she love her work, she is also very creative in approach." 

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